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Vol. 7 - Part 2 - 2018

Vol. 7 - Part 1 - 2018

Vol. 6 - Part 2 - 2017

Vol. 6 - Part 1 - 2017

Vol. 5 - Part 2 - 2016

Vol. 5 - Part 1 - 2016

Vol. 4 - Part 2 - 2015

Vol. 4 - Part 1 - 2015

Vol. 3 - Part 2 - 2014

Vol. 3 - Part 1 - 2014

Vol. 2 - Part 2 - 2013

Vol. 2 - Part 1 - 2013

Vol. 1 - Part 2 - 2012

Vol. 1 - Part 1 - 2012



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About LEYR

The “Law and Economics Yearly Review” is an academic journal to promote a legal and economic debate. It is published twice annually (Part I and Part II), by the Fondazione Gerardo Capriglione Onlus (an organization aimed to promote and develop the research activity on financial regulation) in association with Queen Mary University of London. The journal faces questions about development issues and other several matters related to the international context, originated by globalization. Delays in political actions, limits of certain Government’s policies, business development constraints and the “sovereign debt crisis” are some aims of our studies. The global financial and economic crisis is analysed in its controversial perspectives; the same approach qualifies the research of possible remedies to override this period of progressive capitalism’s turbulences and to promote a sustainable retrieval.

Law and Economics Yearly Review (LEYR) is an international double-blind peer-reviewed journal.

The publications of LEYR are submitted for indexing in SCOPUS, INSPEC, EBSCO, SSRN, Google Scholar and DBLP


Fondazione Gerardo Capriglione Onlus c/o Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Queen Mary, University of London 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields London, WC2A 3JB United Kingdom


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